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A Rogue's Weapon is PoisonRogues have a variety of weapons available, including bows, guns, crossbows, daggers, fist weapons, and one-handed axes, maces and swords. They can also use thrown weapons.

They are limited to wearing cloth and leather armour, but their talent of hiding in the shadows means that they rarely have to make a face to face encounter with an enemy - preferring instead to sneak up on their targets and strike from behind.

Dungeons and Instances

As melee damage dealers, rogues can deal devastating strikes as part of a dungeon raid. One of the most valuable weapons at the slotenmaker amsterdam west rogues' disposal is a variety of poisons, which can be used to coat weapons and add extra damage, causing effects such as slowing enemies' movement speed or casting time, or causing damage over time (DoT) effects.

Other useful talents include lock-picking, which can lead to finding valuable items inside locked chests, and disarming traps.

Roleplaying Options and Combinations

All races except Draenei and Tauren can be rogues - perhaps because these two races are too honourable to stoop to the devious sneaky nature of the rogues.

Ideal spies, a rogue could also choose to roleplay as a secret agent for SI:7 ( Stormwind's intelligence agency), as an assassin, a bounty hunter, or just as a common street thief. They could also choose to work as an alchemist, working with poisons, or as a locksmith, plying their trade for gold.

A character could be as high or low class as they choose to be, and as such as possibly the most versatile class to roleplay with.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Rogue

Rogues do have their disadvantages. Acerbatus, a level 85 Worgen rogue on the EU Nazgrel server, said: "As a semi-seasoned rogue, I must say we are far from invincible. You know why Blizzard gave us stealth and tricks that let us escape? Because we are so delightfully squishy. If I have all of my escape tactics on cool down, it's over. The best I can do is go crazy and attack my assailant, and hope for the best.

"It's true, as a rogue I have fantastic damage output, but I often go down before I get a chance to bring that damage out. A rogue who has been found out is as good as dead if fighting a seasoned player, or, God forbid, a group of players."

But for many players, they love playing rogues. Demonofwar, a level 70 Gnome rogue on the EU Bloodhoof realm, enjoys playing a rogue. He said: "Rogues are very amazing to be honest. Subtlety is definitely the strongest spec for rogues, but for some reason I grew a liking for Mutilate rogue and I have it as my main spec and Subtlely as off for him."

And Rasgabucho, a level 71 human rogue on the EU Emerald Dream server, said: "I've tried playing other classes, but I can't help rolling a rogue. It's so much fun. I disagree when ppl say we're overpowered, it's just that we have the element of surprise to our advantage. Most players are used to spotting the enemy from afar and dislike being ambushed and backstabbed, but we also hate it when you guys blink, break our stuns or bubble out of a fight. Also, being shot by a hunter 40 yards away and bitten by their pet simultaneously is much worse."

SourcesDiscussion including Demonofwar and Rasgabucho on eu.blizzard.com


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